Lead Based Paint

Painted surfaces and children​ a bad combination, for better or for worse, that combination exists and poses a danger to children and creates a huge liability and problem for building owners and managers. Our lead paint division, Ace Abatement Corp. has been providing lead services since 1996. We are licensed by the EPA and NYS and have successfully handled lead paint issues since 1996. With over 500 completed lead abatement projects we have many cost saving ideas and programs that can help your abatement be completed in a more cost effective manner.

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Mold & Microbial Growth have been a major focus of our company since we started handling abatement projects in 1996. In years gone by, people used to just wipe up any mold and move on. In our litigious society Mold is seen by many as a lottery ticket or a tool by which to avoid paying rent. The clean-up of mold was regulated by New York State as of January 1, 2016. Our firm has the necessary license to advise and assist you with any mold issues that may arise in your building.

Our focus has always been on finding a balance between safely serving the consumer without wasting their money. Mold abatement is a perfect example of our company’s commitment to not over step our bounds as a service provider. We are here to give you the information about your mold condition, give you all the options, and help you make an educated decision. We see  many microbial growth (mold) projects are initially mishandled and end up being blown way out of proportion. Our firms overarching knowledge of mold puts us into a unique position to to assist you.

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