Bid Book Specifications, Bidding and Contract Administration

Our firm offers a unique level of oversight for projects and specializes in working with co-op and condo boards and management companies. This is helpful for real estate professionals who want a professional to confirm that the construction is progressing and that it is being completed with the correct spec materials and that the contractor is using contractually agreed upon methods. From building restoration to waterproofing there are many technical aspects which are subject to contractors cutting corners and thereby resulting in improper restoration.

This set of services is comprehensive in scope yet having a minimal cost in the scope of your project. Our firm will tailor our level of service to your project. From preparing a detailed scope that goes beyond the detail on the drawings, and deals with all possibilities that may arise on a job site. To managing the bidding and walkthrough by contractors, to administering an AIA contract to payment requisitions, to construction progress monitoring.  These services will help you be a more successful owner or manager at a time when a major expenditure of a restoration is in the balance.

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